In an increasing complex world, two major issues stand out :understanding the external and internal environment in which the corporation operates and managing it so as to maximize stakeholder returns. We call this Management Optimization.

InnovaX helps managers achieve both these managerial objectives by offering a range of services such as workshops, seminars and consulting that are targeted at optimizing decision making. It also offers links to other specialized seminars and consultants so as to allow managers access to the latest and most innovative views on management optimization.

We do not compete with business schools but rather offer complementary answers to questions executives have in a highly complex global world. We believe our experience can be of help to senior, middle and junior management alike.

This means that we ask ourselves some basic questions on the new frontiers of management optimization that determine its future evolution. These include issues such as the understanding of the driving factors of the future, aligning our thinking with future market demands, deciding on the optimal location from different persepctives, understanding the future customer and his needs, identifying future competitive action, pricing and positioning the product in the most adavantageous manner, and successfully negotiating in an international context. 

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