• Master the thought processes and tools that lead to effective senior management
  • Understand the implications of the strategy process
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Define a human resource policy as a fit to the strategic objectives
  • Master appropriation strategies
  • Learn how to bring about economies of scale and scope
  • Better appreciate the impact of the lobbying process
  • Optimize the corporate brand management
  • Develop the internal communications process as a strategic tool
  • Master the decision making process
  • Understanding the issue of customer selection
  • Reflecting on organizational schemes

Participant Profile

CEOs and senior managers as well as aspiring senior managers

Course Content

  • Strategy as an intellectual process
  • Strategic tools
  • Leadership development
  • Aligning recruitment and strategy
  • Appropriation strategies
  • The link between strategy and procedures
  • Economies of scale and economies of scope
  • Analyzing the impact of government action
  • Principles and practice of lobbying
  • Internal and external corporate communications
  • Core competence and knowledge acquisition
  • The decision making process
  • Defining the 'right' customer
  • Is there a 'good' corporate structure

Course organization and length

The course is organized into four modules of consecutive five working days each (ie four separate weeks), thus representing a total of 20 days.