Corporations have key resources that allow them to successfully compete and grow. It is imperative for a corporation to audit the quality of these resources so as to ensure they are deployed to its best advantage. A corporate strategic audit allows the corporation to identify and evaluate its resources and maximize the returns it can expect.


  • Identify the corporation's resources
  • Ascertain their value and useful deployment
  • Identify resources that can be bolstered in their uniqueness
  • Develop the basis of a sustained corporate growth

Participant Profile

CEOs, department heads and all managers involved in planning

Course Content

  • Appraising the present performance of the corporation
  • Analyzing the strategic posture
  • Definition of the mission, objective, strategies and policies
  • Corporate governance analysis
  • The senior manager's profile
  • Understanding the external environment
  • Understanding the internal environment
  • Defining the corporate resources
  • Strategic positioning in the present and the future
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategic evaluation and control
  • Risk assessment and management


Two consecutive days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


CHF 900.-